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mohammed morsi appears in court but rejects the entire process. the case is now adjourned until january. >>> in saudi arabia, trying to patch up damaged relationship. >>> and n.a.t.o. supply root face disruption in pakistan in threat of retaliation of u.s. drone strike. i'm in london with the top stories from europe. including the picasso and the thief. now some of the masterpieces looted by the nazi are discovered in a flat in munich. from this to this. the british police hunt for a suspect who escaped disguised in a burka. >>> the trial of egypt's deposed president mohammed morsi has been adjourned in january. he and other muslim brotherhood leaders arrived to face charges. but it was chaos from the beginning. the start of the trial was delayed, resumed, and adjourned all with mohammed morsi refusing to recognize the court's legitimately. in the rally outside of the trial several people have about arrested, and there have been protests outside of cairo's supreme constitutional court and high court. and here is dominick cane now with how monday's events unfolded. >> supporters of depos
on trial. the home and morsi insists he is still in egypt's legitimate -- mohamed morsi insists he is still egypt's legitimate ruler. the biggest anti-american protest in decades. and masterpieces of modern art seized by the nazis are discovered all these years later in a small apartment in germany. welcome to our viewers on public television in america, and around the globe. a defiant mohamed morsi harangue the judge as he started his trial in egypt today. he is still the country's president and the case against him is therefore illegal. this was his first public appearance since being toppled in july. he is accused of inciting the killing of protesters last year, and must now be transferred to a jail cell. >> a relaxed arrival at court for mohamed morsi. the ousted islamist wore a dark blazer. officials say he refused a prison uniform. only state tv was allowed to film, and released its footage without sound. coaccused joined his in a cage in the same courtroom where his predecessor, hosni mubarak, has been on trial. egypt's first democratically elected president, now behind bars and defi
foster and in the next 60 minutes: egypt's deposed president, mohamed morsi appears in court and rejects the entire process. the case is adjourned until january. >>> pakistan considers retaliation over u.s. drone strikes. >> hello there, i'm felicity bar, in london, the latest in europe, picasso and matisse. discovered in a flat in munich. from this to this. a suspect escapes disguised in a burka. >> so, the trial of egypt's deposed president mohamed morsi has been adjourned until the beginning of next year. earlier, he and other muslim leaders arrived in cairo to face charges. it was chaotic in the start. it was delayed, resumed, and finally with morsi failing to recognize the legitimacy of the court. thousands of pro-morsi suppor supporters staged protests, several were arrested and protests from a pro-government news channel, from the supreme constitutional court and the high court. an extra 20,000 security personnel were deployed across the capitol to deal with any trouble. dominic kane is with us from cairo. over to you dominic. >> well, david, the protests we saw earlier on today h
is making an impromptu visit to egypt, the first since the ousting of president mohamed morsi. >> now bringing in sue turton. is kerry's visit a big deal to people in egypt? >> the egyptian people haven't really noticed that the u.s. secretary of state has landed in cairo. all the headlines at the moment in egypt are about the upcoming trial tomorrow, monday with the former president mohamed morsi. very few people turned up to the press conference to hear what john kerry and the minister said about their meeting. poddy language is interesting. they've had strained relations since the u.s. cut aid to egypt. they withheld military hardware, tanks, helicopters and jets. the egyptians were not pleased. the foreign minister said on saturday to reporters that they were looking beyond the u.s. for security needs, looking for multiple partners in the region. it was interesting to see the body language at the press conference, and talking about relations, how they would improve from now on, and thou john kerry was looking to egypt to improve its record on democracy, human rights and he believe
arein marred. u.s. secretary of state john kerry in egypt days before mohamed morsi's trial. yern breaks yet another soccer record. polls have closed in local elections in kosovo. serb participation in kosovo's political life is a key element of a european-union-brokered deal. today's voting was marred by reports of masked men strain -- storming the main polling center , throwing tear gas and smashing ballot boxes. >> they were only local elections. for kosovo's leaders, they were a barometer of relations between ethnic albanians and serbs. >> knees on the first free elections for all of kosovo -- these are the first free elections for all of kosovo, and that makes them historic for all of our young nation. >> it was the first democratic vote since kosovo broke away from serbia. >> it is a test of democracy and our country, proof that everyone has a voice -- democracy in our hastry, proof that everyone a voice. >> one polling station closed after masked men stormed it, smashing ballot boxes. ethnic serb hard-liners called for a boycott. there were widespread reports of voter intimidation
to cairo took place a day before mohamed morsi's trial was about to start. kerry coming into the country, has to reconcile two policy aims, maintaining america's strategic relationship with egypt, which is strained, and promoting the path to democracy. despite difficulties he said the u.s. is committed to working with egiment gipt. i -- egypt. >> i wanted to express to the egyptian people in no uncertain tems, the united states is a -- terms, the united states is a friend of people of egypt, the country of egypt and we are a partner to your countedry. as i told minister federal farm services agency, egild -- told minister farmy we'll continue to work with and cooperate with the gst. we have much to work on. the minister and i discussed candidly the issues and challenges we face. we think there's agreement even as we need to keep faith with the roadmap and the path it has to continue the march to democracy. >> how is going doing there - pragmatic for two-faced? >> i think the reaction here is they almost feel that the americans rolled over on the calls for democracy, greater respect of hu
time bassem yousseff upset the authorities. he ended up in court in march for ridiculing mohamed morsi, president at the time. charges were dismissed, but the state commissioner called for this decision to be overturned. one of egypt's prominent news presenters was taken off the air, hinting that mohamed morsi's removal was a coup. she sees the banning of bassem yousseff's program as a sign that free speech is disappearing. >> what a blow to freedom of expression, free speech in egypt. that we have reverted back to january 2011, the red lines are back. obviously the red line now is the military. it's untouchable. >> a free press is virtually non-existent. few working for the private or state media are willing or allowed to criticise the government or substantiate. >> the foreign press is instructed to call the administration to say they'll be working each day. press freedoms are disappearing. >> in egypt we can't say there is a complete freedom of expression. freedom of speech. i don't think so. because in egypt now, i described the media. if you remember the era during the "'50s of th
since mohamed morsi has been ousted as president. they're protesting the military coup there. what have you been hearing, sue? >> reporter: for the last couple of hours we've been seeing a demonstration outside of the main university campus. the demonstration has been fairly good natured, but we were seeing some of the students staging a small sit-in just next to the line of apc, the army there lining up, stopping the students moving through the famous square where there was that huge crackdown in august, and it's a symbolic iconic square for students constantly saying they want to move to that square, and told by security forces they can't. in the last 15 minutes we were told by students on the ground, they allowed police to move through the line and then they started firing tear gas. the students were pressuring the army line to try to get closer to the square, and possibly that has inflamed the situation. but that now has been cleared, and students are going back to the campus. we're hearing from the tear gas was fired both outside of the campus and inside the campus. >> ale we find
marching towards square. protests continue against the military coup that protested the removal of mohamed morsi. >>> three policemen have also been killed by masked gunmen at a checkpoint in northern egypt. the attack took place in northern city of monsura. >> the democratic republic of where congo's army has captured a fifth group, among them is aturo, the strong hold of the rebel group. peace talks between the two sides broke down last week. one u.n. soldier fighting alongside died in that fighting. malcolm webb is with the government soldiers. >> just a couple of days ago, this tank was in the hands of the rebels, then it got hit by a shell from the government side. it's completely burned. you can see the munitions that were stored here have all blown up and it smells very strongly of soot. inside the hatch can you see the remains of the people who were operating it, but too strong for us to show. since then, moved another five kilometers in that direction. still a distance down the road there's a very genuine land mood in this village. the children are singing and shouting the name ma
they were trying to free their colleagues and the case is adjourned until mid november. mohamed morsi doesn't recognize the court of trying him and have not appointed lawyers and not giving up as president. the judge overseeing the trial of the muslim brotherhood has stood down and a new judge will have to be a p -- appointed. preparation of 26 palestinians from israeli jails. they are due to be freed later on tuesday. it's the second batch of four to be freed bringing the total so far to 52. the next group will be released by january. some of the men have been held for nearly three decades and it's part of a deal broken by the united states. leaders of afghanistan and pakistan are due to meet in london in the next few hours and the relationship between the two countries is strained but hoped the talks will lead to resumption of peace talks with the taliban. and jennifer glass reports from kobbel. >> reporter: afghans are suspicious of pakistan and say they are neighbors playing a dangerous game, interfering to keep afghanistan unstable and still supporting the taliban and watched the pre
-government graffiti on the walls. >>> after the demonstration of ousted president mohamed morsi turned violent. >> reporter: this is the moment that hundreds of students tried to raid the administrative offices of the university. for ten days this place has been the focal point for protesters from the anti-coup alliance. on wednesday some managed to break in and set about destroying what they could. some used water hoses to prevent those outside from getting in. employees were harassed, documents taken and anti-coup graffiti sprayed on the walls. the head of the university called on the police to come to the campus, and he issued a warning to those involved. >> we will deal with the students who have gone against the rules of the university with the utmost urgency. >> reporter: one student witness described what he saw. >> security forces reacted after the they stormed the administration building and damaged its office. >> reporter: one of the most prominent educational institutions in the arab world. many attend classes here every day. it is near the square where hundreds from killed in augus
prepare for the trial of deposed president mohamed morsi. 20,000 extra soldiers are sent to guard the trial in cairo. meanwhile protesters in alexandria where police arrested 60 demonstrators. john kerry is expected to arrive the day before morsi is to appear in court. kerry acknowledged that the nsa sometimes oversteps its mission. he made that comment while defending the nsa surveillance work. kerry said the agency has done beyond what is necessary to keep the country safe. >> and in some cases i acknowledge to you as has the president that some of these actions reach too far and we'll make sure that that does not happen in the future. >> nsa leaker edward snowdon has offered to investigate the phone capping of german chancellor angela merkel. he spoke with the german official and gave a letter to hihim. >>> germany is the first european country to recognize this third gender. >> reporter: neither a boy nor girl, daniel la said she spent her life in fear, pain and shame because of doctors' decisions. now she's trying to make sure that the same doesn't happen to anyone else. >> i
-week's time. it was put in place shortly after president mohamed morsi was removed from power. >>> now popular egyptian satirist had his television show suspended minutes before it was due to go on air. it did not give de trails but it's been a week since the show triggered complaints after it poked fun at military leaders. we have reports from cairo. [♪ music ] >> reporter: on the set he's talking to a vendor selling cakes and chocolates decorated with pictures of generalla gen al sisi. he was asked if he would have pictures of soccer players. he said what, you don't like al sisi. okay, i'll buy the lot. it's landed the host in trouble and his program taken off the air. >> reporter: the channel's board of directors has decided to suspend the program until technical issues are sorted out. >> reporter: the comedian has yet to respond. it's not the first time that he has upset the authorities. he ended up in court back in march for re ridiculing hamaed morsi. one of the egypt's most prominent news presenters was also taken off the air. she views the banning of the program as another sign free
president muhammad goes on trial. -- mohammed morsi goes on trial. >>> ross is meeting with the deputy prime minister of poland to discuss the merits of e.u. membership at 10:20 cet. >>> this is a look at the overall tone across european markets this morning. you can see mostly a sweep of green. just a couple of red bars along the bottom here, but overall we have a positive tone. the core is performing. the overall benchmark trending higher by 14 sub 1%. some of the gains in the u.k. reflected with the ftse gaining to 6,770 points. up half of one percent. it will be holding around this level, 1/3 of 1% this morning. we're getting close to 4,301 points this morning. the swiss market has been a little bit tentative in the morning. it was in the red ten minutes or so ago. it's just popped into the green. six points tacked onto the smi. a couple of stocks to show you about. some of the big movers out there on the back of a whole lot of news out there. the low cost carrier cut its second quarter target in four months. ryanair says the demise of italia says it would help his company recover. >> on
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)